Zhongshan Daxiang/Zhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Team Introduction
    Corporation has an excellent independent creative team, with agile thinking planners, marketers with practical experience, first-class operators, and more forward-looking leaders.
    The company team upholds the principle of honesty, standardization and efficiency, wins the market with technology, gains reputation with creative service, and wholeheartedly provides high quality, efficient and fast service to our customers. Face the future and insist on independent innovation.
    Because of the same dream, we got together and formed a team. With strength as shield, self-confidence as spear and unity as courage, we have formed a passionate and fearless group. Each of us is challenging ourselves and surpassing ourselves.

Address: No.11 Muhejin West Road, Gangkou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province    Mailbox:dx_chenmj@dx-zvte.com   Company Tel: 0760-28203389